Compact Guide to first-time Linux Cluster Access Process

How to get an Account

Please read here to learn more about getting an account for the Linux Cluster System at LRZ!

Scientists and students from Munich universities as well as Bavarian universities can obtain access to the LRZ Linux-Cluster systems. To get an account, please check first if you know your master user. If you don't know who your master user is, please contact the head of your department (group, institute), who will be able to point you to your master user. Then you need to follow these steps before you can login:

There is a Master User in your Institute (LRZ project already exists)

  1. Contact the responsible master user located at your institution.
  2. Your master user has to check if the project has Linux Cluster permission (via LRZ IDM portal). If not, the master user must contact the LRZ contact person for the project (advisor) via e-mail or service request ticket. The LRZ advisor will then explain the next steps to the master user.  
  3. If the project has Linux Cluster permission (see item 2), your master user can create a new personal (not functional) LRZ user ID with Linux access rights for you through the LRZ Identity Management Portal. The master user will need your nationality. Please provide this information. It is necessary for the export control regulations regarding all HPC services at LRZ. 
  4. After you get the user ID from your master user, please call the password reset function of the LRZ IDM Portal using your new user ID and your contact e-mail address. 


    • In case of doing a password reset, the user has to comply with the export control regulations. If you are a master user, you will also be asked to comply with these regulations in this role. Please visit "Exportkontroll-Verordnungen" (EKR) in section "Richtlinien im HPC-Bereich" at .
    • On condition of doing the password reset and having a valid user ID status (nationality + EKR conformity), the automatic file system provision procedure will create your HOME directory after a delay of about one hour. Please do not login before that time. You may use the waiting time to become familiar with Access and Login to the Linux-Cluster.  
    • Changes of user ID properties, such as doing again the EKR compliance, might repeat the provision procedure including a waiting time to recover the full functionality of your account. However, that should be available at 6am the next day.

There is no Master User in your Institute (Application for a new LRZ project with Linux Cluster service)

Your group has to apply for a new LRZ project.

  1. You have to fill out the PDF file "Antrag auf ein LRZ-Projekt" in the article Vergabe von Kennungen über Master User (only available in German).


    Please, consider the section "Gewünschte LRZ-Serviceklassen"! In the application form you need

    • to select "High Performance Computing"
    • to fill in the phrase "Linux-Cluster" at "andere Dienste:"
  2. Please send the filled and signed application form to the responsible LRZ contact person (advisor). The LRZ advisor needs the original document.

    In order to speed up the application process, you may send a scanned copy of the signed document and submit it via e-mail or service request ticket via LRZ ServiceDesk (Service "User administration and directory services") This possibility does not replace the procedure of sending the physical letter via mail.

  3. You will get an answer from your LRZ advisor with further instructions
  4. Please fill out the Service Request Template for "Linux Cluster Project Activation" and submit this request to LRZ ServiceDesk.
  5. After completion of the service request by LRZ, the Linux cluster project is approved
  6. After approval, your new master user can create new LRZ user IDs with access to the Linux Cluster (see section  "There is a Master User in your Institute")

Additional Information to the Service Request Template "Linux Cluster Project Activation/Update (Only for Master Users of an existing LRZ project)"

Please read here in case you are a master user and you are currently using the Service Request Template for Linux Cluster Project Activation OR a master user wants to update the information about the HPC usage of the existing Linux Cluster project!

The master user for a Linux Cluster Project is responsible for the project work and for the users to whom he gives access to the HPC system. He has to accept this in the first application for Linux Cluster project activation via predefined Service Request Template. This predefined Service Request Template should also be used in case the master user wants to update the information about the HPC usage of the existing Linux cluster project. The processing of your request may take several days. If you do not get feedback within one week, please submit an incident ticket to our servicedesk.

Regulations to accept

  1. The Usage Regulations / Benutzungsrichtlinien 
    1. Gerneral regualtions (see also
    2. The use of the LRZ infrastructure for the processing of data, according to Art. 9 DSGVO "processing of special categories of personal data", is generally not permitted. However, exceptions are possible if a special agreement is concluded with the LMU/TUM in addition to the existing data processing agreement ("Auftragsverarbeitungsvertrag", AVV), and on the other hand, the installation and operation of a specially secured infrastructure is usually required. In this case, please contact the LRZ management with your request:

  2. The usage of LRZ HPC systems is subject to export control regulations.
  3. The LRZ publishes and stores your project data and description electronically. On explicit request this requirement may be waived.
  4. To write a report on the project work and/or project results when requested by the LRZ. 

DFG Topics

 In order to allow a correct classification, please choose the appropriate research area from the DFG catalogue from 2016-2019 (German version).