LRZ-Dienste im Antrag auf ein LRZ-Projekt

The application for a new LRZ project (form: Assignment of Accounts by Master Users) can only be made by the respective head of the institution (head of institute or chair holder), as they decide on the financial resources of their institution. In particular, they determine which chargeable services are to be used by the LRZ.

However, there are continuous changes and expansions in the LRZ's service portfolio. So that the project applications do not have to be continually re-submitted, only the service classes are specified in the project application. The master users, who are appointed by the facility management for this task, may then apply to the LRZ for quotas for the individual services within the service classes as needed. Only with the quota for a specific service can the master users assign accounts and permissions for LRZ services to the persons of the institution.

Which services belong to which service classes is defined in the LRZ's service catalogue. From the point of view of project applicants, it is also important:

  1. For which services are accounts required whose permissions are managed by master users (in the following table in the first column).
  2. Which services do not require LRZ accounts, so that the master users are not involved (second column).

For services marked with (↔) the master users do not assign the permissions, but the permissions are determined by a direct IDM coupling (applies to TUM, LMU and the Universities of Applied Sciences Munich, Weihenstephan-Triesdorf, Landshut and Ansbach).

Service class
  1. Services of the service class, 
    for which the master users manage permissions,
    or (↔) the IDM-Systems of TUM, LMU and the Universities of Applied Sciences
2. Services of the service class, 
which do not require accounts, or
for which the master users do not directly manage permissions
E-Mail and Groupware
  • Mail Hosting
  • Microsoft Exchange Hosting (↔)
  • Mailrelaying
  • Mailinglists
High Performance Computing
  • Attended Cluster Node Housing
  • Attended Compute Cloud Housing
Managed Server
  • LRZ-vSphere (Server-Hosting vmware)

Desktop and mobile clients
  • MWN-PC
  • WLAN and eduroam (↔)
  • Virtual Firewall
  • VPN (↔)
  • Institute-VPN
  • Munich Scientific Network Connection
  • Internet access at events
  • DHCP-Service
Storage solutions
  • BayernShare - Sync+Share (↔)
  • Cloud Storage (↔)
  • Backup and Archiving (ISP)
  • Data Science Storage (DSS)
  • ISAR Cloud Storage
Webhosting and Webservice
  • Webhosting
  • GitLab (↔)
  • Personal homepage
  • SharePoint Teamsite
  • Videostreaming
  • Video conference service (WebRTC)
Virtual reality and visualization
  • V2C Services
  • Remote visualization
    (is associated with Linux-Cluster permission)
Supporting Services
  • User administration and authentication
    (Only for services offered by the LRZ; IDM-Portal)
  • Network planning
  • Settlement of printing costs
  • Certification in the DFN-PKI
  • Software purchase and licences
  • Abuse editing
  • Security Antivirus