Thunderbird und andere IMAP-Clients


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To connect an IMAP client to Exchange, you need the following informations:
Email addressYour primary email address
Incoming mail server (Port 993 with SSL)
Authentication methodNormal Password or PLAIN (if possible)
Usernameads\<your account>
Outgoing mail server

  • SSL/TLS and port 465 or

  • STARTTLS and port 587

Authentication methodNormal Password
Username<your account> ((warning) without "ads\")

Window Set Up Your Existing Email Address. Use your current email address. Your name, input field Mustermann, Max. Email address, input field Max.Mustermann At Password, input field Thick dots, below box with check mark, Save password. At the very bottom left, Configure manually..., Cancel buttons, right, Continue button.

Shared Mailbox

You can retrieve the emails of a shared mailbox with IMAP just like the emails of your personal mailbox. Under Thunderbird you have to create and configure another email account for the shared mailbox. If the shared mailbox has been connected with IMAP, you only have access to emails, but not to calendars, contacts, notes or tasks. You can only access them via Outlook (Windows or Mac) or Outlook on the Web. 

When connecting a shared mailbox via IMAP, it is important to specify the user name in the following form:

ads\<your account>\<account of the Shared Mailbox>

Example: Your account is "di69soz" and the shared mailbox account is "di69kim". The correct user name is then "ads\di69soz\di69kim".

Note that you use your own password and not that of the shared mailbox. 

In principle, this also works with other IMAP clients, but not with Apple Mail (here you have to "trick" the setup wizard).

Accounts Settings window. In the left column under Sample Musterteam At selected Server Settings. In the main field, Server Settings. Server type and server as before. Then Selected User Name, ads backslash di69soz backslash di69kim. The remaining picture shows nothing special.