Mobile Endgeräte (Smartphones, Tablets, etc. )


Due to the very large number of different smartphones, tablets, etc. as well as operating systems running on them, we can only provide general configuration information here, but not individual descriptions or support (no support). Please refer to the operating instructions for your device.

You will need the following information to configure mobile devices:

  • Email address: Your email address
  • Username: account (sometimes "ads\account" → see warning below).
  • Domain: ads
  • Server:
  • Port: 443

If your client does not have a field for domain, you cannot skip this entry. In this case, you must specify the domain via the user name. Your user name will then be "ads\account".

In addition, for some devices it is necessary to install the T-Telesec Global Root Class 2 root certificate:

Blocked apps on the Exchange Server

Currently, the following apps are blocked on the Exchange Server for privacy reasons:

  • Microsoft Outlook for iOS and Android
  • MyMail for iOS and Android

The problem is that the apps do not store the credentials (account, password) locally, but on their servers. This storage of the credentials constitutes a disclosure of the data, which is prohibited by the LRZ Usage Regulations, §4, para 3a.

If you try to connect your Exchange account with one of the above mentioned apps, you will get an error message as an email, which differs slightly in the lower part depending on the app and device, e.g. for the Outlook app:

Your device won't be able to synchronize with the server via Exchange ActiveSync because of an access policy defined on the server.