Wie kann ich die E-Mail-Adresse(n) einer Kennung bearbeiten?

If a new account is given the permission "Mail", you as the master user can also define an initial e-mail address when creating the account. A change to this e-mail address or the definition of additional aliases or the setting up of forwarding of incoming mails can then only be carried out by the user himself/herself via the Self Services in the IDM portal; a subsequent change by the master user is not provided for. In case of problems, please contact your LRZ advisor.

Please also note in connection with e-mail addresses of accounts:

  • For externally administered accounts "imported" from TUM, LMU or other universities, no changes to the e-mail addresses are possible (neither the main e-mail address nor the mail alias).
  • For LRZ staff and staff of The University of Music and Theatre Munich (HMTM), no change to the main e-mail address is possible.
  • The user's contact email address may have to be adjusted separately as described in the following point: What is the meaning of the field "Contact e-mail address?"