Welche Tools für Master User gibt es?

In the IDM-Portal (Identity Management Portal of the LRZ), in addition to the "Self Services" (self-service functions), which are accessible to every LRZ user and are used to manage their own accounts, there are also special "Master User Services", which are only available to the master users and are only visible to them. These include:

  • Display of setup and project data
  • Overview of all accounts of a project and their authorizations
  • Creation and deletion of accounts
  • Setting and deleting authorizations for accounts, including disk space quota if necessary
  • Setting of passwords
  • Creation and administration of technical groups
  • Display of statistical data from high-performance computers (if the project contains accounts with corresponding permissions)

For instructions on Master User services, see FAQs für Master User.

If you are a Master User and you are still not offered Master User services in the IDM portal, please contact the LRZ advisor responsible for your institution.