Wann wird meine Kennung gelöscht und wie läuft das ab?

If your LRZ account is managed by your university, the validity period depends on your affiliation with the university (enrolled, employed, recorded as a guest). This applies to the universities explicitly named in Kennungen für LRZ-Dienste.  For the modalities please ask the service desk/helpdesk/hotline of your university.

Otherwise, your account will be administered by master users. They will usually inform you before your account is blocked or deleted. If your account has been blocked or deleted unintentionally, please contact your master user.

Effects of deletion:

When an account is deleted, the email address, mailbox, and any home directory for online storage will be deleted too. If there are still mails in the mailbox that you need, you should transfer them to your computer before leaving the university or before the date of deletion your master user has told you.

Another hint especially for students:

If you have another e-mail address in addition to your LRZ e-mail address, you can use our Identity Management Portal to set up a forwarding of incoming e-mails to the other address. This has the advantage that all mails that arrive until the deletion of the identifier really arrive at your address. Mails arrived after deletion will be returned to the sender as undeliverable.