Standard Datensicherung

With the standard data storage one can regularly secure files and file systems from servers and work stations of all established operating systems in the archive and backup system (ABS). Proceed with the following: 

1. Apply for a node

 A node registered at ABS is providing a password protected access point to the archive and backup system.

2. Install IBM Spectrum Protect (ISP)The to be secured system must have the appropriate client software installed.
3. ISP configurationThe configuration defines what to back up, where the log files are located and more.
4. InterfacesThe ISP-Client provides a graphical interface and also a commando interface to the archive and backup system. 
5. Backup and RestoreDescription of securing and restoring data. 
6. Archive and Retrieve

Description of long-term storage and retrieval of data.

To back up the following applications special clients are required. 

If you are interested, please contact the LRZ Servicedesk.