Backup und Archivierung

The college wide accessible archive and backup system of the LRZ serves as an affordable, permanent, secure and reliable storage of small and large amounts of data. With this system the data of servers and, if required, also from work place systems in the Munich science network can be regularly and automatically saved in the computation center (Backup-Function).  

The service can also be used for long term storage, to retain data over many years (Archive-Function). From all data in the archive copies are created on tape to increase security. The tape copies are located not within the data storages of the LRZ but in a different computation center. The standard storage time for archived data is 10 years, if wished and agreed upon a longer time frame is possible. The data can be accessed again at anytime.

The archive and backup service (ABS) is based on the IBM Spectrum Protect (ISP) software. 


Quickstart infos

Installation and configuration for standard data protection

FAQsFrequently asked questions about ABS and problem solving


Additional informations and links about ISP


Download the ISP-clients

Guidelines (only available in German)

Rules, which must be observed when using ISP (currently only available in German)


Link to access DATWeb online (only accessible within the MWN)