Typical for virtual reality and visualisation is the presence of very heterogeneous user groups. Applications can be found in psychology to combat phobias in virtual environments, in safety training where incidents in industrial plants are simulated and trained, in medicine to visualise MRI or CT data sets, in industrial design to evaluate prototypes, in simulation and visualisation in areas of fluid mechanics, in art, in product presentations, in the entertainment industry and in many other fields.
On the other hand there are also different types of displays or projection possibilities. However, not every display is equally suitable for every type of application. The determining factors are, on the one hand, the technology used (beamer or VR glasses), quality (is the resolution of the display sufficient for the presentation of the data sets), possibilities of interaction and, of course, the available financial resources.
For this reason, the V2C provides its users with various visualisation and projection options. More detailed information about the individual projection possibilities is provided by clicking on the icons below.


High-resolution projection screen

3D LED Display

LED projection screen


5-sided projection installation

HMD Labs

Diverse Head-Mounted Displays


Implementation of 3D models