The original idea of the 5-sided projection installation is based on the CAVE (CAVE Audio Visual Environment) concept by Carolina Cruz-Neira. Here the user is located in a cube with projected side surfaces, floor and ceiling, which completely cover his field of vision. In contrast to the powerwall, the user does not only get the impression of interacting with a virtual world, he has the feeling of literally being inside it. In the installation at the Center for Virtual Reality and Visualization, each of the five 2.7m x 2.7m cube sides is equipped with two HD stereo projectors, one projector controlling the upper half of the projection surface and another one generating the lower half of the image. In order to create a uniform projection, the images from both projectors are overlapped in a central strip area and darkened linearly towards the edge. In the case of the 5-sided projection installation, the projection is done with the help of active stereo display. The projection installation is controlled by a computer network of 12 synchronized nodes, whereby 10 nodes of the system are used for image generation (one per projector) and 1 node for controlling the display nodes and updating the scene. The 12th node serves as backup for the control node. It has a permanently installed position detection system with 4 cameras on the ceiling. In addition, 4 more cameras can be placed on the floor to increase precision and enlarge the area to be measured. This is needed for example for finger tracking, where hand gestures can be detected.

Technical Specifications

Projection Equipment


  • 10 x CHRISTIE DLP-Projector 3-chip Simulation Mirage WU-3
    • 1920 x 1200 Resolution
    • 3.000 ANSI Lumen brightness per projector


  • 5 x 2,70 m x 2,70 m projection area


  • Optical ART Tracking
  • 4 permanent installed cameras
  • 4 mobile cameras

Cluster with 12 nodes

  • 1 Master node
  • 10 render nodes
  • 1 cackup node

Equipment per node

  • 2 x Intel Xeon CPU (8 cores)
  • 256 GByte memory
  • Nvidia Quadro P6000 graphics board
  • 100GBit/s Netzwerkanbindung