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Amira is a modular software package for the visualization and analysis of scientific data. The user can assemble his application from individual software modules in a graphical user interface or via script, which is used to display, analyze and process his data. The focus is on applications from the life sciences and medicine, but the software can also be used in other fields, as Amira contains a broad repertoire of basic visualization techniques. (Further information)

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EnSight is a program for the visualization of scientific data, with a focus on problems from the engineering sciences. Besides the traditional repertoire of visualization techniques, especially flow visualization is supported. Rendering tasks can be parallelized and distributed to several processors. (Further information)

Geomagic Design X

Geomagic Design X is software for reverse engineering. It is designed to process 3D scan data into parameterized, CAD-compatible, editable solid models.
Version in LRZ: 2019.0.1
Operating system: Windows (further information)


IDL (Interactive Data Language) is a development environment for the analysis and visualization of scientific data.  The user uses an easy to learn programming language either interactively or in batch mode. Key aspects of the IDL interpreter language are dynamic data types, array operations, widgets for interactive applications and extensibility through Fortran or C++ programming. (Further information)

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NOMAD VR is the virtual reality visualization software developed in the NOMAD Center of Excellence.
It was designed to allow visualization of chemistry simulations and has also been successfully used to visualize fluid dynamics simulations.
In general, it can be useful to visualize volumetric datasets (including embedded particles) from different fields of knowledge. (Weitere Infos)