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The LRZ GitLab service was migrated on 4.6.2020 to a new scalable server environment. In the new enviroment the previously installed GitLab Community Edition was replaced by the GitLab Enterprise Edition Ultimate. The main changes are listed below.

New Features

All the existing functionality of LRZ GitLab is available also in the new environment. You can continue working as before. Additionally, GitLab Ultimate offers several new advanced features, for example:

  • Improved project issue boards with multiple assignees, configurable labels and other new features
  • Possibility to connect your projects with external repositories outside LRZ GitLab
  • Analytics functionality for the software development process

For a detailed list of new features, please see the GitLab Feature Comparison page.

Some functionality which needs to be enabled and configured separately (such as Elasticsearch) is - at least initially - not available. We will evaluate these features later and decide about their activation individually. 

Storage space

The storage space limits for projects, LFS objects and GitLab Pages remain unchanged. However, the Ultimate version offers us more flexible management capabilities to enforce quotas and to set higher limits for individual projects when needed. 

User name synchronization

In the new environment, the GitLab profile names  (Settings → Profile → Name) are automatically synchronized from LRZ LDAP in the format "Firstname Lastname". The GitLab usernames and therefore the paths of personal projects do not change. 

New IP addresses

As a result of the migration, the IP addresses of the GitLab servers have changed. Most users don't need to take any action. Users of the GitLab webhooks feature must ensure that incoming connections from the new addresses are not blocked by local firewalls.

The new public IP address of ist (IPv4), 2001:4ca0:0:103::81bb:fe47 (IPv6).

If GitLab is used within the MWN network, the addresses of the individual application servers are visible. These are: (IPv4), 2001:4ca0:1f0::a9b:aa46 (IPv6) (IPv4), 2001:4ca0:1f0::a9b:aa47 (IPv6) (IPv4), 2001:4ca0:1f0::a9b:aa48 (IPv6) 

For firewall rules please use the following address range: (IPv4), 2001:4ca0:1f0::a9b:aa40/123 (IPv6). This covers also possible additional LRZ GitLab application servers.

We will still check whether the IP addresses can be rewritten so that all outbound connections from the application servers (including within the MWN network) share the same public address.


Our GitLab Education license does not include commercial support from In case of any problems, questions and feedback please contact  the LRZ Servicedesk.

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