DSS relies on the contact E-Mail information in the LRZ SIM IDPortal to be valid and will send the DSS Invitation Mails to the Mail addresses that are linked there to your user account. If this information is outdated or missing and you therefore have not received an DSS Invitation Mail, please perform the following steps:

  1. Login to LRZ IDM-Portal, navigate to  Self Services > Person > modify contact data, and check your contact e-mail address there. In case your account and person data is managed externally (TUM, LMU, HM etc.), you need to visit their portal or contact their servicesdesk in order to change your e-mail address (your prinicpal mailbox address). 
  2. Contact the Data Curator of the DSS Container you have been invited and ask him/her to resend the invitation to you.
  3. Make sure that whenever your contact E-Mail information changes, those changes are reflected in the LRZ IDM-Portal by contacting your LRZ Master User.

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