DSS How to apply for a data project

This article describes the steps for a customer to get a data project that can be used as organizational envelope for one or more DSS containers.


In order to create any LRZ's Data Science Containers, you first have to apply for a so called data project. The data project acts as the organizational envelope for managing the Data Science Containers. Within the data project, only Data Science Services are granted and besides the projects master users, which act as data curators, no other users are allowed.

Steps to apply for a LRZ data project

First of all you have to download and fill out a so called "Antrag auf ein LRZ-Projekt", the form can be found here: Vergabe von Kennungen über Master-User:innen.

For help, filling out the form, see this page here Vergabe von Kennungen für LRZ-Dienste. To indicate that the project shall be a data project, make sure that you mark "andere Dienste" and specify DSS in the free text line in the "Gewünschte LRZ Dienste" section AND that you do not mark any other serivces in this section, as a data project is a project which has only data services allowed. Specify one or more master users for the project, which will act as the data curators for this project, meaning that they are the persons responsible to the data managed by this project.

Send the signed "LRZ Projektantrag" to your LRZ contact person, which can be found here: Zuordnung von Einrichtungen zu LRZ-Betreuern

After the data project was approved, you will be informed by the LRZ Identiy Management Team. After that you will be contacted by a LRZ Data Scinece Support Team member who will provide you details on you newly created Data Science Containers, managed by your data project.


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