Move all folders / complete base path change

To move the LRZ Sync+Share data directory (see FAQ 201) to another partition, an empty folder "LRZ Sync+Share" should first be created on the desired hard disk partition, e.g. "D:\LRZ Sync+Share".

Now the data path can be moved in the LRZ Sync+Share client. To do so, set the Folders basepath from the default value to D:\LRZ Sync+Share in the client's Settings menu (compare screenshot – FAQ 203). This will move all top-level folders locally on the client side without interruption.

Note: The LRZ Sync+Share directory must be located on a local hard disk partition, network drives are not supported (see FAQ 306).

Moving of one top-level folder

In order to move existing folders to a new basepath, follow the steps like enclosed:

  1. Moving to another location like from C:\ to D:\ you have to assure that files are not locked by another process, like file manager or an editor.
  2. Choose in LRZ Sync+Share Client the particular folder, which you'd like to move.
  3. Open context menu by right mouse click on the particular folder and choose item 'Move'.
  4. Navigate to the new position in the directory tree and click the button 'New Directory' to create a folder with same name. E.g. if you like to want to move the folder with the name 'my_folder_01', then please create a new folder 'my_folder_01' and press 'OK'.
  5. Afterwards, answer the question 'Move content of the folder to the new location?' by clicking on 'Move'.
  6. You are informed, that the path to the local folder will be moved from the origin location to the target location. Please, confirm by pressing the button 'Continue'.

Moving top-level folders within the file explorer is absolutely not recommended, as this will lead to loss of data. Instead apply always the 'Move' option of the LRZ Sync+Share client.

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