Idea and development of the 3D testimonials

The idea for the creation of German-language digital testimonies was born after the conference "Holocaust Education Revisited", which took place in February 2018 at the LMU Munich. The diverse discussions about testimony led to the development of "holograms" to explore the opportunities and limitations of such testimonies for mediation and educational work. Since then, an interdisciplinary team has been working on the development of the testimonies and their transdisciplinary research with the help of the Design-Based-Research approach.

Development of the "LediZ" project

The Holocaust survivors Abba Naor and Eva Umlauf could be won for the project "Learning with digital certificates". To create the "holograms", the contemporary witness at the Pollen Studio in England was asked about 1,000 questions each. In answering these questions, Abba Naor and Eva Umlauf were stereoscopically filmed by two RED Epic-M-Dragon cameras. This type of recording allows both 2 and 3-dimensional visualization.
The LRZ stores and hosts the data thus obtained. In addition, the "holograms" are trained with speech recognition software to enable interaction with the digital testimony.

(Scientific paper)

Prof. Anja Ballis
Department für Germanistik, Komparatistik, Nordistik, Deutsch als Fremdsprache

Prof. Markus Gloe
Geschwister-Scholl-Institut für Politikwissenschaft

Daniel Kolb