Wie finde ich meine:n Master-User:in?

Master users are responsible for managing and assigning accounts at a particular institution (e.g., chair or institute) and are therefore often the right person to contact if you want to use LRZ services and need an account to do so.

However, there is one important exception:
If the institution in question assigns accounts itself, exports them to the LRZ, and the accounts already have all the required permissions, then no master user is needed. Therefore, please first use the Allocation of accounts for LRZ services to check whether you actually need to contact a master user to assign an LRZ Account or whether you have a suitable account by default.

If you need a master user to assign an account, please contact our service desk to find out which master user is responsible for you (you can, of course, also ask your colleagues at your institution).

If no master user has been appointed in your area, you must apply for a so-called "LRZ project" in order to use LRZ services. You can find out how to apply for such a project on the page Assignment of Accounts by Master Users. There you will also find a link to the application form.