Which compute platform is right for me?

What do you want to compute, what do you need?

  • Thousands of CPU cores → SuperMUC-NG
  • Pre- or post-processing of user data for or from SuperMUC-NG → Compute Cloud
  • HPC ressource to run serial or small to medium sized MPI-parallel applications up to a few hundred cores → Linux Cluster
  • Accelerated VM resources or more compute ressources than available in the own work station → Compute Cloud
  • Highly available virtual server to run important service(s) → vSpehre Cluster
Compute Services

Typical Usage Profile

You need...

How to get access...



Large and Huge HPC Workloads

Users from German universities and research institutions
Access to SuperMUC-NG
Linux Cluster

Small and Medium HPC Workloads

Users from Bavarian universities

Access to the Linux-Cluster

AI Systems

Data Analytics, Machine Learning, AI (Model Training/Inference)

  • Various compute and storage components for AI (model training, inference), data analytics and big data research and application.
  • CPU-only systems with large memory for big data applications.
  • Individual single & multi-GPU servers for small- to medium-scale data analytics and AI workloads.
  • Clusters of multiple multi-GPU systems for medium- to large-scale AI workloads.
  • Dedicated ML & AI storage systems for high-performance, low-latency data input/output.
  • Access via traditional SSH-based login nodes as well as a user-friendly web interface, including popular development environments JupyterLab and RStudio Server.
  • OS-level virtualization/containerization for highly adaptable, yet consistent and reproducible work environments.
ML/AI users from Munich and Bavarian universities
Access to the AI Systems

Managed Server

(vSphere Cluster)

Servers with High Availablity and Reliability

  • You need one or more highly available virtual server to run important service(s) and you need a solution which protects you from loosing data.
  • Only master users can request virtual machines.
Users from Munich or Bavarian universities
Compute Cloud

Computers with Maximum Flexibility

  • Cloud platform to create virtual resources (VMs, volumes, networks, ...) quickly and on demand.
  • Any operating system that you can get running and have the required licenses for.
  • Root access without restrictions. The users are responsible for their VMs.

  • No high availability and no backups.
  • Need accelerated VM resources or more compute ressources than available in the own work station.
  • Free of charge for SuperMUC-NG users to manage their workflows.

SuperMUC-NG users

Users from Munich or Bavarian universities

Governmental and non-governmental research institutions that are predominantly funded by public funds and other science-related institutions

Access to Compute Cloud