Tecplot 360

Licensing and Availability

A small number of Tecplot 360 licenses are available for the usage at LRZ Linux Clusters, RVS and SuperMUC-NG. The software has been licensed for academic use only. The LRZ is not providing any Tecplot licenses for the usage on local computer systems, i.e. at your institute/professorship or on any other mobile devices. Therefore, before using the software at the named LRZ systems, please contact the LRZ Service Desk if the academic status of your organisation is unclear. Prior to be able to use the software on the named LRZ systems your personal User-ID needs to be added to the Tecplot license server.

The LRZ is not providing any Tecplot software download resources. Please refer to the webpages of the Tecplot software vendor.

If you belong to either one of the following TUM departments:

  • Lehrstuhl für Aerodynamik
  • Lehrstuhl für Turbomaschinen und Flugantriebe
  • Lehrstuhl für Thermodynamik
  • Lehrstuhl für Energiesysteme
  • Lehrstuhl für Hubschraubertechnologie
  • Lehrstuhl für Mathematische Modellbildung M6

then your institut/professorship has licensed Tecplot separately and independently from LRZ. Please ask your local responsible staff member at your institute/professorship on how to use Tecplot in your local computer environment.

Usage of Tecplot on LRZ Computer Systems

To make use of the Tecplot software on either LRZ Linux Clusters, RVS or SuperMUC-NG, please load the appropriate environment module:

$ module av tecplot
$ module load tecplot

and then execute the Tecplot software, typically via the command:

$ tec360


$ tecplotrs

(since 2022) which will start the GUI (provided DISPLAY is set and X11 authorization is properly configured).

For automatization, pyTecplot can be used. Please, install pyTecplot with your preferred python module/environment individually via pip install --user pytecplot., as described on the tecplot documentation page.
In case of questions, problems, or just when you need help, please contact out Service Desk.


Once a tecplot module is loaded, documentation is available in the subdirectory $TECPLOT_DOC.
Furthermore, consider the Tecplot Documentation page.

For direct support, for the case, you have own licenses, please contact the Tecplot Support.