LRZ Extreme-Scaling Workshop 2020

  • Submission deadline:      February 21, 2020
  • Participant notification:  March 4, 2020
  • Workshop:                        April 21.-23, 2020

On April 21.-23. 2020 LRZ will organize a hands-on coding workshop to scale user applications to machine size (6000+ nodes) on SuperMUC-NG. Programming experts from LRZ, Lenovo,  Intel and Allinea will support your code profiling and parallelization efforts.

SuperMUC-NG users whose application already scales up to at least two islands (~1500 nodes, ~70000 cores) are invited to apply for the workshop.

To select the most interesting projects we ask for a short proposal (max two pages) including the following information:

  • A short project description including known scaling/performance issues you want to work on
    (memory, communication or I/O bottlenecks, etc.).
  • A short scientific motivation for achieving higher scalability.
    Which application would be your vision for a next generation exaflop compute-system?
  • Your goal for the workshop (intended size of scaling, performance, etc.).
  • Scaling plot (strong and/or weak) covering at least two islands on SuperMUC-NG.
  • Used algorithms and code dependencies (Programming language, compilers, MPI, programming model - MPI and/or OpenMP, I/O pattern, libraries, etc.)
  • Contact Data (Name, Affiliation, e-mail, phone, project ID, user IDs).

Please send your proposal via email with subject "LRZ Extreme Scaling Workshop 2020" to until February 21. CPU-hours used during the workshop will not be charged from your budget. Each project is limited to a single application and up to three participants. A mandatory two-page summary is due no later than two weeks after the workshop, including the list of authors, scaling plots, and profiling results (Performance, I/O bandwidth, etc.).