Kontakt zum LRZ-Webhosting-Team

Read this if you're in a hurry

To contact the LRZ web hosting team, please create a new web hosting incident via the LRZ servicedesk website.

There are two ways to do this: self-service (authenticated) and "Simple Submit" (unauthenticated).

  1. (star) Selfservice: requires you to login with your personal account (usually the better option for most inquiries!)
  2. Simple Submit: no login required

If your inquiry is not of a general nature, but you would like us to make changes to your website(s), we will need to verify your identity and authorisation for obvious security reasons. We therefore ask you to please create your incident using the "Selfservice" option.

Ways to contact us

If you would like to contact the LRZ web hosting team, please create a new web hosting incident via the LRZ servicedesk website. There are two ways to do this: self-service (authenticated) and "Simple Submit" (unauthenticated).

The following table shows the differences between the two contact options.

SelfserviceSimple Submit
Loginvia your personal accountnot required
Possible actions
  • Creating a new incident
  • Accessing incidents you created and tracking their progress

Creating a new incident

Types of inquiries
  • General inquiries
  • Inquiries regarding your website(s)
  • Requests for changes to your website(s)

General inquiries only

In order for your inquiries to be processed quickly and smoothly, it is desirable that you log in with your personal account before creating an incident. Only via such an authenticated request are we allowed to answer queries that relate to personal, confidential aspects of your websites (e.g. active configuration), and make changes to your websites.

Prerequisites for requesting changes to your website

For obvious security reasons, we will need to check for the following if you would like us to make changes to your website(s):

  1. Your identity (usually provided by logging in at the LRZ servicedesk with your personal account)
  2. Your authorisation (meaning you belong to the group of people who are allowed to request the respective change)

This precaution is necessary to protect our customers and their data.

Examples for privileged actions:

  • Setting up a website
  • Adding additional names (aliases) to a website
  • Changing the website's PHP version
  • Changing the website's configuration (e.g. configuring a different DocumentRoot)
  • Deleting a website
  • Adding a database to the website

Reasons why we might reject your request

We cannot verify your identity

We will not be able to reliably check your identity if you do the following:

  • Creating an incident using the "Simple Submit" option, which does not require you to login with your personal account.
  • Contacting us via email, phone, or other means

We can only verify your identity if you created an LRZ servicedesk incident using the authenticated "Selfservice" option.

You are not authorised to request the action

The group of authorised persons is derived from the functional account that belongs to the website (see the article Functional account for a website for more information).

You are only authorised to request changes to a certain website if one of the following is true:

  • You are the functional account's manager/"Kennungsverantwortlicher" or owner/"Kennungsbesitzer" (direct authorisation).
  • You are a master user for the LRZ project that the functional account belongs to (indirect authorisation). We accept requests from master users in exceptional cases, seeing that master users are privileged to become a functional account's manager or owner within the LRZ project if they choose to do so.

How to gain authorisation

In case you do not belong to the group of authorised persons, but would like to, we recommend doing the following:

If you have an account within the Münchner Wissenschaftsnetz (MWN) and have been made responsible for the website, please contact the functional account's master user. Explain the situation to them and ask them to give your personal account manager or owner status for the functional account. When this is done, please contact us (LRZ web hosting team) again to inform us of this change. Please remember to create an authenticated incident for this (see above).

In case it is not possible for you to gain the required authorisation, please contact a person that you know to be authorised for changes regarding the website, and ask them to request the change. Again, please bear in mind that the change has to be requested via an authenticated incident.