FAQ: Accessing to the HPC systems

Am I allowed to use the LRZ cluster systems for my simulation work?

If you are involved in scientific work at an institute that is connected to a Munich University or a University in Bavaria, then in principle you can obtain an account. To this end, please follow the instructions given in the introduction document for the cluster usage.

Am I allowed to use SuperMUC-NG for my simulation work?

If you are a scientist at a German Research Institution, you can apply for a project on the big system. Please follow the instructions given in: Application for a project on SuperMUC-NG.

Do I need to pay for usage of the HPC systems?

No, because all HPC systems in public use are jointly funded by the Federal Republic of Germany and the Free State of Bavaria. However, if you have special needs (e.g., for very large disk storage quotas) not covered by LRZ basic HPC services, these come with a fee, so you need to ask us for details as well as a quote.

Which of the two systems (Cluster or SuperMUC-NG) should I apply for?

Assuming you are formally eligible for both systems: This depends on the CPU, memory and disk resources you need for your computation. Please consult the technical description of the supercomputer as well as the technical description of our clusters to see what fits your needs. If you do not know your simulation's requirements it may be a good idea to start off with a cluster account. If you are not eligible for cluster usage, you can apply for a test project (see above). For usage of the big system a requirement on your simulation typically will be scalability i.e., the ability to use many (if possible more than a few thousand) processor cores efficiently.

How do I log in to the HPC systems?

If you have a valid account, you should be able to access the systems as described in Access and Login to SuperMUC-NG and in Access and Login to the Linux-Cluster, respectively. If you have trouble, please try logging into the ID portal to check the status of your account, or to do necessary password changes etc. If this does not work, contact the Service Desk.

What means "valid account"

1. Do you have an user ID for the relevant HPC project at LRZ?
2. Do you have changed the password of the user ID  (check the status via LRZ IDM Portal: https://idmportal.lrz.de/ )?
3. Is your user ID conform regarding the "German Export Control Regulations" (EKR)?:
3a. Does your user ID have a nationality?
3b. Do you have accepted the EKR via LRZ IDM Portal  (https://idmportal.lrz.de/  -> "Self Services")?

Please note: 
After doing the password reset by the users themselves (e.g. https://idmportal.lrz.de/pwreset/ ), the automatic file system provision procedure will create the user HOME and WORK directories at 8 o'clock the next day. Please do not login before that time.