This article describes how TUM users can apply for storage space on the TUM-DSS system.


The Technical University of Munich has centrally purchased a dedicated LRZ Data Science Storage building block, called TUM-DSS. In principle, all research projects from TUM faculties CH/PH/IN/MA/WZW/EI/MW/BGU are eligible to apply for this storage space. The process for applying for TUM-DSS is to first talk with the Information Officer (IO) of the faculty, the research project is tied to. In many cases, the IO already knows about TUM-DSS and the TUM-interal process for getting space granted on it. However if the IO is not yet aware of TUM-DSS, you have to point him to the Steering Committee Scientific IT Infrastructure, which is part of the TUM CIO/IO committee. Depending on your requirements, the IO of your faculty may be able to directly assign you a DSS Container from a faculty wide DSS data project or you have to apply for a dedicated data project. That is something, you have to discuss with the IO of your faculty.

If you have to apply for a dedicated data project, you can find information on how to to so here. After the project has been setup, you have to ask the Steering Committee Scientific IT Infrastructure (through your IO), to either directly grant your project the required storage space or ask them to allow LRZ to do so.