Big Data Beratung

Consulting service addressing the topics high performance big data analytics (HPDA) and high performance artificial intelligence (HPAI).

With this service, LRZ aims to enable researchers from Bavarian universities and other academic institutions to achieve their domain-specific scientific objectives when using big data analytics and artificial intelligence methods.

The consulting services offered to such users and institutions starts with the decision process on suitable methods and addresses the question of how to effectively and efficiently apply these techniques on high performance systems operated by LRZ (i.e. HPDA and HPAI).

Scope of services

Once you submit a service request via the LRZ Servicedesk ( or contact one of the LRZ big data analytics/artificial intelligence experts directly, they will work with you to address the challenges of your tasks at hand. To facilitate this process, please provide a brief but detailed description of your objectives as well as requirements.

User Class

Fee rate

(1), (2), (3), (4), (5), (6)

F (free of charge)

The Service is free of Charge.