Beratung zu LRZ-Services

Consulting on all LRZ services before selecting the appropriate service. "360° analysis".

Before you choose something from the catalogue of LRZ services (which may be subject to a fee), it is always a good idea to clarify your requirements and needs in advance in a discussion with the LRZ.

Especially in case of more complex tasks this procedure is recommended in terms of a 360° analysis, the result of which enables valid decisions and service concepts tailored to your needs.

Even with less complex and apparently simple tasks it is recommended to have a conversation with the LRZ and to conduct a concept review together.

Scope of services

If you submit a service request in the support form online (, contact a specialist department of the LRZ or contact persons responsible for service at the LRZ, then please briefly describe your requirements or, if there are the slightest uncertainties, clarify your consulting request so that we can approach you accordingly.