Sync+Share Schnelleinstieg

LRZ Sync+Share allows you to store your data and documents conveniently, securely and reliably at the Leibniz data center and simultaneously on multiple devices (desktop, laptop, tablet, smart phone) in the latest state (sync). You can also share and exchange your data with other people worldwide (share). LRZ Sync+Share greatly simplifies cross-organizational, interdisciplinary and cooperative work. The service LRZ Sync+Share is based on the software PowerFolder of a German company. The data protection is regulated according to German and European law.

Authorized users

Employees and students of the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München (LMU), the Technische Universität München (TUM), the Hochschule München (HM) and the Bayerische Akademie der Wissenschaften (BADW), as well as other registered Bavarian universities, are entitled to use this website.


Please log in with your LMU user account (recommended) or your full email address which is linked to your LMU user account (rx12abc). This usually ends at or Note: Employees of the clinics with a login of the form can NOT register with this login name! You must use the corresponding identification of the form rx12abc for the login! In case of problems, you can check in the LRZ IDM portal whether the account ID for the service "BayernShare - Sync+Share" is activated. If you have any questions regarding the LMU identifiers, please contact the LMU IT Servicedesk.


Please log in with your TUM user account (recommended) or TUM email address (managed via TUM-Online).


Please log in with your HM user account (recommended) with leading prefix hm- (e.g. hm-mueller3) or your HM email address (managed via HM Online Account Management).


Please log in with your HSWT account (recommended) that contains the leading prefix hswt or your HSWT email address.

HS Landshut

Please log in with your LA account (recommended) with leading prefix LA- (e.g. LA-mueller3).


Please log in with your LRZ account (recommended).

OthersPlease log in with your Shibboleth account (EPPN) that was provided by your institution. The authentication is managed by the Identity Provider (IDP) of your institution.

Members of these institutions have the possibility to invite external people and receive a storage quota.

First steps with LRZ Sync+Share

  1. Follow the usage guidelines and security recommendations when using LRZ Sync+Share.
  2. Open in your web browser.
  3. Log in with your account ID or your email address corresponding to your account ID (see above). To check whether your ID or email address is authorized via the ID portal of your institution or via the service desk of your institution.

Everything else is (hopefully) self-explanatory or can be found in the FAQs and the manufacturer's documentation.

Installation of a client / mobile app

For many use cases, the web interface is sufficient. To use the full functionality of the service, the installation of a client/app is required. The client is especially necessary if you want to use the synchronization functionality. If you just want to share data with other people or send files via link, the intuitive web interface is usually sufficient.

The client for the different platforms is available for download here. Checksums for the installation packages are available here. Instructions for the installation can be found here.

Special note on shared data

LRZ Sync+Share allows you to share folders by inviting people. Please note that the owner's data is specially protected by German law.

If the owner of the data leaves the institution, the account will be deleted. The invited people will no no longer be able to access the data. We recommend transferring the ownership beforehand.

Have fun using LRZ Sync+Share!