Sonstige Projekte


Of the great wealth of already completed projects, some very impressive examples are presented below. Beside the variety of topics it is also impressive that many projects which have been realized in the V2C of the LRZ have prototype character. This shows the importance of such an infrastructure for top-level research and the LRZ can be described as a location advantage for science and research in the Munich area.


Lothstraße 17: Faculty of Design in the CAVE of the V2C

From the as-built survey, a detailed 3D building as-built model was generated in CAD as an object-based 3D component model with the aim of using it for various purposes of architectural and structural design, planning of technical building equipment (BTE), for energy analyses and various simulations.

August Prize
Robert Schmid
Munich State Building Authority 2

Art and multimedia

Senseparation: Encounter between people in virtual and real space

The interdisciplinary and experimental project focuses on the cross-border networking of people between virtual and real space. Thereby an encounter between two people at different locations takes place.

Dr. Karin Guminski
LMU, Art and Multimedia
Institute for Art Education

Life Sciences

Zoology: Extreme miniaturization in dwarf chameleons

The study of biological structures is crucial for understanding their functions. As in many other scientific disciplines, more and more computer-aided 3D methods are being used.

Dr Bernhard Ruthensteiner, Benedikt Geier, Dr Frank Glaw
Munich State Zoological Collection

Engineering Sciences

Plant engineering: Visualization during the design of high voltage insulation systems

When designing high-voltage insulation systems and components such as gas-insulated switchgear or transformers, the focus is on maximum operational reliability in addition to the lowest possible material and space requirements. The basis for this is the simulation of electrical fields occurring during the operation of high-voltage systems.

Dr. Carsten Trinitis
Chair of Computer Technology and Computer Organization
Technical University Munich

Information visualization

Visualization of large multi-dimensional data sets in the field of energy efficiency

Energy consumption is increasingly becoming a problem for modern data centers. In order to optimize energy consumption, knowledge of the processes and consumption as well as their direct and indirect correlations is necessary.