Slides of LRZ Courses on HPC

On this page we provide slides of the several courses at LRZ on HPC and related topics:.

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Using Python at LRZ

As a general-purpose programming language with a growing user-base amongst data scientists, python is increasingly used for data analysis and machine learning applications at the Leibniz Supercomputing Centre (LRZ).

In this half-day course several techniques and best practice examples will be demonstrated - empowering participants to use Python effectively on the LRZ Linux Cluster and the compute cloud.

Topics covered:

  • Installation of Python packages and libraries with conda

  • Jupyter Notebooks on the Linux Cluster and the Compute Cloud

  • Parallel Programming for Python

  • High quality scientific plotting with Python and Jupyter

  • Running Python/ML applications on the Linux Cluster using Slurm and Conda

  • Running Python/ML applications on the Compute Cloud using Containers