Remote Visualisation 2021 - DISCONTINUED


During the last few weeks the LRZ Remotevisualisation has been offline due to an investigation into an issue with the software stack used to run the service. We tried to find a permanent fix and return the service to normal operation. Unfortunately we were unable to correct the issue using the existing systems and software. Due to this issue we are unable to continue operating the new RVS with the level of security and usability expected by our users and demanded by ourselves. Permanently and reliably correcting the issue requires a complete redesign of the service, swapping out software components and building a new software stack. This would require an extensive design and testing phase which is unfortunately not feasible at this time.

Due to these issues, we are forced to discontinue the new RVS effective immediately. As the RVS nodes have been offline for the last few weeks, they will remain offline permanently. This does not affect any user storage or data, as the RVS nodes only provide access to existing storage, but do not store any data locally.

We apologize for the inconvenience!