PRACE Course: Advanced Fortran Topics


This course, a PRACE training event, is targeted at scientists who wish to extend their knowledge of Fortran to cover advanced features of the language.

Topics covered include:

  • Best Practices
    • global objects and interfaces
    • abstract interfaces and the IMPORT statement
    • object based programming
  • Object-Oriented Programming
    • type extension, polymorphism and inheritance
    • binding of procedures to types and objects
    • generic type-bound procedures
    • abstract types and deferred bindings
  • Fortran 2003 I/O extensions, especially user-defined derived type I/O
  • OO Design Patterns: application of object-oriented programming
    • creation and destruction of objects
    • polymorphic objects and function arguments
    • interacting objects
    • dependency inversion: submodules and plugins
  • IEEE features and floating point exceptions (omitted in the 2020 iteration)
  • Interoperability with C
    • mixed language programming patterns
  • Coarrays
    • PGAS concepts and coarray basics
    • dynamic entities
    • advanced synchronization
    • parallel programming patterns
    • recent enhancements: collectives, events, teams, atomic subroutines
    • performance aspects of coarray programming

To consolidate the lecture material, each day's lectures are complemented by hands-on sessions. 


Dr. R. Bader, Dr. G. Brietzke, Ivan Pribec  

Lecture notes

from the virtual workshop "Advanced Fortran Topics", from Nov 21 - 24, 2022. Please contact the course tutors (Bader_at_lrz_dot_de or Brietzke_at_lrz_dot_de) if questions about any of the materials provided below arise.

  • Schedule
  • Intro
  • Slides for the first part (object oriented programming)
  • Slides for the second part (interoperability with C)
  • Slides for the third part (parallel programming with coarrays)

Please also see the next section for code downloads.


  • example codes illustrating some of the slide material (ZIP archive).


Please note that the Makefiles contain definitions which may be only valid when running on LRZ HPC systems.

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