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Software packages from the environment modules and the spack stack release 21.1.1 with know issues

PackageModule nameTo be addressed/priorityComments



KW26Abaqus (Dassault Systems) is currently not supported on SuperMUC-NG (actually their are no known Abaqus users on SNG).
If you have the need for running the Abaqus software on SuperMUC-NG, please file a ticket to our Service Desk.


KW26This particular ANSYS Fluent Release 2020.R2 has an OPA issue and is not reliably working on MPI startup. Therefore this ANSYS Fluent release has been banned from SuperMUC-NG.
Please use either ANSYS Fluent 2020.R1 or 2021.R1 and following instead.



various versionsKW26

Older releases of StarCCM+ prior to Release 2020.2.1 are no longer supported on SNG under SLES15, i.e. in particular the releases 2019.2.1, 2019.3.1 and 2020.1.1 are no longer supported.

Please use any of the available releases of 2020.2.1 and following instead.

System Services that do not work or have operational restrictions

EARWIPEAR deamon not included in the compute image of the nodes
default CPU clock frequency is set to 2.5 GHzINFOMay change after EAR is operational again
tcsh/csh/zsh missing on compute nodesINFO

Workaround (Shebang in Slurm-Scripts):


Please, also add source /etc/profile.d/modules.csh before using the module system.

job farming with srunWIPPlacement on CPUs wrong

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