This article summarizes possible solution strategies that are potentially helpful in the case that the login to LRZ Sync+Share is not working. It is assumed that an authorized LRZ Sync+Share account is used.


The following situation is present:

Web interface
LRZ Sync+Share client

(tick): Login successful

(error): malfunction/error

Solution strategies

Deletion of client device entry

Log on to in your web browser. Under "My Account" (top right corner) → Devices you will find an overview of the clients used with LRZ Sync+Share.

Delete the affected device(s). At the next start, the login credentials are required. Please keep in mind to re-enter the password (see FAQ 314).

Client reset to factory defaults

Reset the client to factory defaults. To do this, delete the hidden configuration directory. The individual steps are described in: FAQ 206: How to reset the LRZ Sync+Share client to factory defaults?


If there is no improvement after examining the points from above, please contact the LRZ servicedesk.

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