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The LRZ Sync+Share software archives older file versions. By default 5 file versions are kept. If you regularly clean up the archived files, you can free space in your user account. There are two ways to delete the online file histories (on the LRZ Sync+Share server):

  1. Delete all old file versions (for all top-level folders of the S+S account):
    1. Log in via the LRZ Sync+Share web interface.
    2. Click on the recycle bin icon in the left menu bar.

    3. Click on Purge old file versions in the upper left corner.

  2. Delete old file versions for individual top-level folders:
    1. Log in via the LRZ Sync+Share web interface.
    2. Click on the top-level folder where you want to delete old versions.

    3. Click on Manage.

    4. Click Clear file versions.

    5. Repeat this process with additional folders to free up more storage space.

Please note that the deletion is performed in the background and may take some time in some cases (especially with large data volumes >10 GB).


The LRZ Sync+Share client creates local file histories on a computer which are separate from those on the LRZ Sync+Share server (online).

It is possible that the data volume that includes histories may differ locally versus online.

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