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Protections against data loss

The LRZ Cloud storage is located in the computer cube of the Leibniz Computing Center. This computer building is designed as a "dark center", which means that people do not normally have access to it.

Cloud storage data is first stored on a primary storage system and replicated within 60 minutes to a replication system in a separate fire protected area. In addition, tape copies of all data are created.

Both the primary and replication systems are protected against the simultaneous failure of at least two disks per RAID group. The file system has built-in checksums that provide unique detection of both defective and misplaced data blocks, guaranteeing data integrity.

An automatic, regular so-called scrubbing of all data finds and repairs defective data blocks even in rarely used files. In addition, users can restore damaged or deleted files at any time, even from snapshots going back several weeks.

The automatic data backup of the cloud storage is described here.

For long-term archiving of data, the archive and backup service offered by the LRZ can also be used. Here, the data is stored twice in two physically separate data centers on magnetic tapes (shelf life: approx. 25 years) and regularly copied over to current tape technology. Terms for usage have to be agreed separately.

Protection against unauthorized access

The data on the central storage is protected by access rights and is generally as secure as your own password. To further protect your data (e.g. from access by administrators, spying in transit), you can additionally encrypt your data.

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