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What happens if I do not use Sync+Share for a long time? (account deletion / deprovisioning)

Special note on shared data

LRZ Sync+Share allows you to share folders by inviting people. Please note that the owner's data is specially protected by German law.

If the owner of the data leaves the institution, the account will be deleted. The invited people will no no longer be able to access the data. We recommend transferring the ownership beforehand.

The ownership of a top-level folder is transferable in the web interface on as follows:


A transfer of the ownership should be carried out before an employee leaves the institute. This ensures that jointly used top-level folders, e.g., for project data, remain available to the user group.

Steps on the side of the owner (donor)

Step 1:

Click the Share icon next to the top-level folder .

(→ compare FAQ 131)

Step 2:

Change the user rights for the corresponding member of the folder, select "Is owner".

Note: A selected user (recipient) must have been invited before.

Step 3:

Confirm the operation. The recipient of the folder is thus informed by e-mail.

Transfer confirmation by the new owner (recipient)

The new owner has to confirm the procedure, then the folder is transfered to him. To do so, the new owner must login in the web browser.

Step 1:

On the recipient side there are now two possibilities:

  • Accept
  • Deny

Clicking on Accept will complete the folder transfer.

From now on the recipient has the right "owner".

Note: The invitation (aeroplane icon) is always located at the bottom of the folder list.
In the case many folders are present, one has to scroll down in the list!

When completing this procedure, the ownership transfer of the respective top-level folder is done. The new owner can read, edit, delete and invite or un-invite members. The data of the owner of a top-level folder is protected by law.


If there is not enough storage space on the recipient side or if there are problems with the transfer of ownership, please contact the LRZ servicedesk.

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