Accounts are assigned according to the procedure described here

  • if the institution in question does not issue accounts itself or these are not transferred to the LRZ
     - at present, the LRZ accepts accounts from the LMU Munich, the TU Munich, the Munich University of Applied Sciences (HM), the Weihenstephan-Triesdorf University of Applied Sciences (HSWT), the Landshut University of Applied Sciences, the Ansbach University of Applied Sciences and the Academy of Fine Arts Munich (AdBK) -
  • if the accounts of the institution in question are transferred to the LRZ, but the desired services for these identifiers are not supported - please check this, if necessary, using the information on the page Kennungen für LRZ-Dienste.

If one of the two points applies, an LRZ project must be applied for by the head of the institute or chair of the institution concerned. This project serves as a formal framework for the use of LRZ services by the respective institution.

Please note: TUM institutions are only eligible for a LRZ project application if the institution is listed in TUMonline (

The application form is available online:

Antrag auf ein LRZ-Projekt (PDF)

The original signed and stamped application must be sent to the following address:

z. Hd. Herrn Kokkas
Boltzmannstraße 1
85748 Garching b. München.

Please send the scanned project application in parallel as an attachment to a new incident (service request) to the LRZ Service Desk:

In particular, one or more Master Users must be named in the application as technical contact persons for the LRZ. The LRZ advisor responsible for the institution will then contact the Master Users for further arrangements (e.g. allocation of user accounts). The Master Users administer the user accounts for their area. Individual users contact one of their Master Users to obtain access rights or to make changes to the allocated resources (e.g. storage space).

Master Users can generate new user accountss within the scope of their quota and distribute them

  • either as personal accounts to individual users in their area (may not be passed on to third parties)
  • or use them as functional accounts (e.g. for the administration of a web server hosted at the LRZ) and name a responsible person for it.
  • Accounts must be protected against unauthorised use by a secure password (see LRZ password guidelines). The LRZ reserves the right to inform users of insecure passwords and passwords known to be compromised and to block the affected accounts if necessary.

More detailed modalities for the activities of master users can be found in the article Aufgaben der Master-User:innen.

Master Users can carry out their activities within the LRZ Identity Management Portal. These include:

  • Display of institution and project data
  • Overview of all accounts of a project and their access rights
  • Creation and deletion of accounts
  • Setting and deleting access rights for accounts
  • Setting passwords

Permissions for high performance computers must be applied for and approved separately:

Practical tips for working as a Master User can be found in the Identity Management Portal under the menu item "Documentation → "Master User Services FAQ".


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