This article attempts to serve as a handy step-by-step guide for the most commonly requested actions with regards to LRZ-hosted websites, namely: requesting a new site, moving an existing site, and removing a site.

Please note

We will sometimes send emails concerning your website and/or our hosting environment to the owner of the website's functional account. Please make sure to read these emails as they contain important information.

Our hosting environment's components

Our hosting environment is a so-called shared web hosting environment, meaning that your website shares its resources with other sites on the same server. To improve performance, sites are delivered by one of several servers that, together, make up a web server pool. The web server pool is located behind a service load balancer (SLB) that distributes requests to websites to one of the pool servers that is currently able to accept requests.

Web server software: Apache 2.4.

Available PHP versions: 7.4, 8.0. Other scripting languages cannot be provided as of now.

We do not allow root access (= administrator privileges) to our servers. All filesystem actions regarding your website are performed with your functional account (non-admin user permissions).

Creating a new website

There are a certain requirements to fulfill if you would like to host a website with us, and some preparatory work will have to be done. These preparatory actions usually only take a few days to complete, but in some cases may also take up to several weeks. Please take this into account when planning the schedule for your website, its release etc.

Step-by-step guide to your new website

Preparatory actions (can be done in parallel):

  1. Get a new (blue star) LRZ functional account to be used with your new website.
  2. Get one or more (blue star) DNS names (more than one if your website is to be accessible via one or more aliases). Usually, institutions outside the LRZ will have to be involved for this (e.g. your university or research institute) to approve your desired website name(s). It may take several days or weeks until all parties involved have agreed on the future website's name(s).

Please note

Before requesting the website itself, the website's DNS names have to be configured correctly.

Requesting the website

  1. Request your website via the (blue star) Servicedesk using the authenticated variant and state answers to the following:
    1. Functional account to be used with your website
    2. DNS name for your website
    3. DNS aliases (optional)
    4. Your organisation (TUM, LMU, or other)
    5. Will you need a MySQL database for your planned web application?
  2. The LRZ web hosting team will review your request and create your website if everything looks okay (usually within one to two business days).
  3. You will receive an email about your website's creation and may then proceed to create your website content. See Access options to learn how to do this.

Keep your website safe and secure!

  • LRZ only acts as a website hoster, meaning that you as the functional account's owner are fully responsible for creating and maintaining your website contents. (We do, however, keep backups of the files on the filesystem. Continue reading for more information.)
  • If you install a PHP-based web application like Wordpress, we urge you to make regular updates and to install recent security patches in order to keep your website secure.
  • In the event of a security incident (e.g. an attack or copyright infringement), LRZ reserves the right to proactively deactivate your website. We will of course inform you of the problem so that you may take remedial action.

The MySQL database (optional)

You may receive up to one MySQL database for use with your website's web application.

The database name consists of the name of the website's functional account and the suffix "db1". Example: ab12xyzdb1.

Information on how to access your database will be sent to you via email.

It is also possible to receive a database after your website has already been created. In this case, please create a new authenticated incident via the LRZ servicedesk and request your database while stating the functional account pertaining to your website and, possibly, the website's DNS name.

Moving an existing website to LRZ web hosting or relaunching a website

If you already have a website that is currently being hosted by an external provider and intend to move it to the LRZ web hosting service, or if you would like to do a complete website makeover, we can help you do this with minimal downtimes. The process resembles the creation of an entirely new website (see above). The crucial difference is that your new website will usually be available under a temporary DNS name at first while you work on creating (or copying) the content. As soon as you are ready, the temporary name will be changed to the publicly known name so that visitors will get to see the new website hosted at LRZ.

Each website relocation is special

No two website relocations will be completely identical. Therefore, there may be deviations from the procedure described here, especially with regard to DNS names and DNS records. Please also bear in mind that a website relocation usually is a time-consuming process and cannot be done in a rush since multiple parties will be involved who have to communicate with each other for the process to go smoothly.

Part 1: Creating a new website with a temporary DNS name

  1. Get a new (blue star) LRZ functional account to be used with your new website.
  2. Request your website via the (blue star) LRZ Servicedesk using the authenticated variant and state answers to the following:
    1. Reason why a  temporary DNS name is needed (e.g. website relocation, website relaunch)
    2. DNS name for later production use (i.e. after the relocation or relaunch has been completed)
    3. For how long will the temporary name be needed?
    4. Functional account to be used with your website
    5. Your organisation (TUM, LMU, or other)
    6. Will you need a MySQL database for your planned web application?
  3. The LRZ web hosting team will create a temporary name from the desired, "real" website name and configure the DNS record accordingly. This action can usually be completed within one to two business days.
  4. The LRZ web hosting team will create the website for you (usually within one to two business days) and inform you via email.

Now you can work on your website's content until it is ready to be published. Read (blue star) Access options for details on how to access your website's filesystem.

Save yourself time and effort

Since the temporary DNS name will later be replaced with the website's final name, it is recommended that you record where the temporary DNS name is used (e.g. in configuration files, scripts, the database etc.) while you are working on your new website. This way, you will save time and effort when replacing the temporary name later on.

Part 2: Changing the website's name to its final name

  1. As soon as you are ready to publish your new website, please contact the LRZ again to schedule a date to change the website's name to the desired final name. Please allow for at least one week and at least two weeks during vacation periods for this step.
  2. On the scheduled date, the DNS records will be changed so that the name that formerly pointed to the old website will now point to your new website. Your new website will now also be available under the desired name.

    Remove the temporary name from your website!

    Remember to purge the temporary name from your new website and replace all occurrences with the final name (see hint box in part 1). You should do this right before the DNS records are changed. Otherwise your website will probably not work as intended.

  3. We will keep the temporary name for some time to make it possible to roll back the changes in case there are any problems with your new website. When everything has been working as expected for a few days or weeks, please let us know so that we can safely remove the temporary name from your website.

If you have moved your website from an external provider to LRZ, it is recommended to continue operating the old website for a few more days instead of removing it right away. The reason for this is that it may take up to several days until the entire "World Wide Web" has picked up on your website's DNS record change. If a DNS server somewhere in the world has not yet "gotten the memo", it will still point to the old website for some time, so leaving the old website running will prevent "not found" errors.

Removing a website

If you no longer need your LRZ-hosted website or if you would like to move your website to a different provider, please do the following:

  1. Create a backup of your website (content, configuration files, and other filesystem data) for later use if needed. Also remember to save the contents of your database (if applicable). This can be done via a so-called database dump.
  2. Contact the (blue star) Servicedesk via an authenticated ticket and state that you would like to have your website removed, along with the following information:
    • the website's functional account
    • the website name
    • the database name (if applicable)
  3. We will remove the website and the pertaining DNS record and inform you as soon as all actions have been completed.

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