In order to create your personal homepage, you first have to log in to the ID Portal (Identity Management Portal) using the credentials of your LRZ account (username and password).

In the category "Self Services", click "create/edit personal homepage", then choose your id. You may then choose a name (and, optionally, aliases) for your homepage.

After you have created your homepage, you will want to access your homepage and publish your content. There are various ways for you to accomplish this.

Logging in via SSH

You can access your data via SSH using a terminal

$ ssh # users at LMU

$ ssh # users at TUM

$ ssh # everyone else

After successful login, you will find yourself on a Linux system where you can use Linux commands like cp, rm etc.

Uploading files via SCP and FTP/SFTP/FTPS

webdev servers at webdev-[lmu|tum|mwn]

In order to access the webdev servers, you will need an IP address that is located inside the MWN (Münchner Wissenschaftsnetz). You may also connect to the MWN via VPN (see

Supported protocols: SFTP, SCP

Example using SCP:

$ scp YOUR_FILE YOUR_ID@webdev-[lmu|tum|mwn]

FTP server at

The FTP server at can be accessed from anywhere in the world. It is therefore recommended to use a secure connection so that your data will remain unaltered (of course, this applies to any kind of connection).

Supported protocols: SFTP, SCP, FTPS, FTP

Example using FTP:

You may use a graphical program like FileZilla ( to access and upload your content. Add a connection via FileZilla's Server Manager and enter your login credentials and choose the connection protocol, for example SFTP or FTP using encryption.

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