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There are some important points you should be aware of:

  • We do not offer support for problems with software inside your VMs!
    The Compute Cloud is an Infrastructure-as-a-Service offering. We try to make to sure the infrastructure works properly, but what you do on this infrastructure is your responsibility. We are happy to help with any issues directly related to the LRZ Compute Cloud, but we do not have the capacity to impart Linux admin or Openstack essentials via the ticket system. This kind of knowledge is a requirement for the successful usage of this service.
  • We do not offer a storage system for large datasets!
    Please note that the storage backend of the Compute Cloud is used to host the virtual disks belonging to the VMs in the cloud. It is not meant to store large data sets. If you have huge amounts of data you want to process within VMs in the Compute Cloud please use LRZ's Data Science Storage service.
  • We do not create backups!
    You are responsible for backing up your data. We cannot create volumes that have been (accidentially) deleted or restore corrupted/deleted files within a single volume. If you need backups you can backup the relevant data with rsync or the tool(s) of your choice or use LRZ's Backup service.
  • We do not offer high availability!
    The Compute Cloud is not suitable to host services that need to be highly available although we do our best. If you need high availability, please do not use the Compute Cloud but consider using our Server-Hosting offering.
  • We do not offer any guarantees that you can access the resources you want!
    As already stated above: Our resources are limited. If all resources are fully used by other users there is no way to create new VMs. We try to mitigate this by assigned default quotas to every user that prevents a user do consume too many resources at once. However, since the number of users is increasing we cannot guarantee that you always get what you want. One solution to that is that you buy your own Cloud hardware (called "Attended Cloud Housing"):
    If you have money to spend and want to have exclusive access to Cloud resources please drop us a line.
  • Make sure to follow our security considerations!
    When using a publicly reachable server you should have in mind that you need to invest some effort to secure your machine to prevent it from being highjacked or hacked. We provide some ideas on how to secure some of the basic pain points in our Security Considerations document.
    Remember: You are responsible for your VMs.