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The Remote Visualisation System of the LRZ consists of multiple powerful hardware nodes preinstalled and preconfigured with various visualisation tools. Qualified users may log into the nodes using a webbrowser and use the nodes to access and visualise their data.


Currently 4 identical nodes are available. These nodes are running on physical nodes of the LRZ Compute Cloud (GPU nodes) and are specially setup and configured for visualisation purposes.

The nodes are connected to the LRZ Data Science Storage so users may easily access their data.

Hardware Configuration

CPU20x Intel(R) Xeon(R) Gold 6148 CPU @ 2.40GHz 
Memory384 GB
GPUNvidia Tesla V100 16 GB RAM

Software Setup

The nodes are currently running Ubuntu 18.04 as operating system. For a list of preinstalled visualisation software please see the list of applications.

System Access

The nodes can be accessed by qualified users using a webbrowser. This setup does not require any additional software and should work with any modern browser.

The nodes are equipped with NoMachine, a commercial remote desktop software product. When accessing a node the user is first asked to log into NoMachine. Once this login succeeds the user is prompted with the Linux desktop running on the node. Accessing the system requires a second login, this time into the actual OS running on the node.
Each node is exclusive accessed by a single user. Once a user has successfully logged into NoMachine on the node, any other user is block from using it until the current user has logged out again.

While nodes may be accessed directly by their respective URL, usually the LRZ Remote Visualisation should be accessed using the landing page ( This page provides a list of all available nodes as well as their availability. Diagram