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Table of Contents
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Contact & Support

Where can I get help if I there is an issue or the documentation does not answer my question?

Please create a ticket using the LRZ Servicedesk.

User & Account

Who is eligible to access the LRZ Remote Visualisation?

You need an LRZ account with the "Linux Cluster" service enabled to access the LRZ Remote Visualisation.

How much does access to the LRZ Remote Visualisation cost?

If you have an eligible LRZ account access to the Remote Visualisation is provided free of charge at the moment.


What are the hardware specifications of the nodes?

Please refer to the technical documentation: RVS: Technical description

Are all the nodes identical?

Yes! It does not matter which node you choose, they are all running on identical hardware nodes.

Remote Access

I do not like accessing the system using a browser. Is there another way?

No, access to the system is currently provided only via a web browser.

Why do I have to login twice?

The first login is to gain access to the node. Once that is completed you have exclusive access to a physical desktop running on one of the LRZ compute nodes. The second login is to login to the operating system of the node so all your data (home directory, ...) can be accessed. 

The keyboard layout seems to be wrong. How can I change it?

The keyboard layout can be selected when login into Ubuntu. Please refer to the "Getting Started" section here.

My session has expired and I did not have enough time to visualise my data. Can I get my time limit increased?

The continuous usage of a remote visualisation node is limited to two hours. For justified scenarios, users might request a longer time limit by writing a service request via the LRZ Servicedesk.  

How does copying text between host and RVS machines work?

For copying text between a host system and RVS node, NoMachine offers a feature called the clipboard. Please refer to RVS How-To: Copying text between host and RVS nodes for further information.


My home folder is not big enough. Could you give me more quota please?

No, the home folders have a fixed size for each user. The preferred solution would be to mount a DSS container you have access to.

How can I mount my DSS container on the RVS nodes?

Please see How to access a DSS container on RVS nodes


What software is provided on the nodes?

The nodes are running the default Ubuntu 18.04 desktop installation. A list of additionally provided software can be found in the documentation: RVS: Applications

Is the listed software available on all nodes?

Yes! The software setup is identical on all nodes. Any changes to software are committed to all nodes.

Will the software change over time?

We may add or remove software in the future based on demand, requirements, licensing, ... . Any changes will be documented in the application list.

Can I run my own software on the nodes?

Given that your software does not require elevated privileges or installation (and does not violate any ToS or licensing agreements), you are free to run it on the nodes from your home directory.

I really need the software XYZ installed on the nodes. Could you install it please?

We do not install software packages based on individual requests. If you feel like some software package might be beneficial to multiple users feel free to inform us via the LRZ Servicedesk. There is, however, absolutely no guarantee that the software will be installed, especially short-term.

Further Information and Useful Links