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Remote Visualisation 2021 is currently being tested by a small number of users!

If you have not been invited as test user, please use the established Remote Visualisation!

The LRZ Remote Visualisation aims at providing users with access to high-end hardware for visualisation tasks. All rendering is done on the compute nodes at the LRZ and the resulting images are streamed to the user's client machine.


After the login NoMachine will display a number of pages with tutorials/hings hints as well as some initial setup options. These pages can be hidden for future logins by activating the "do not show again" option at the bottom of the page.
Any settings prompted here may be changed at any time in the settings while logged into NoMachine for a specific node.


  • For a list of software and applications installed on the Remote Visualisation nodes for your visualisation needs please see the software list.
  • Frequently asked questions and their respective answers may be found here.
  • A short technical overview as well as hardware specifications is provided here.

Data Access

The new RVS currently only provides access to the Linux Cluster home directories.

Any other DSS based storage containers - including the new DSS-based Linux Cluster project containers - can also be accessed using RVS. To do so, the data curator of the DSS container has to apply the LRZ Remote Visualisation Container Config. The general procedure is described here (section 12). Please check the RVS How-To: Accessing a DSS container on RVS nodes page for details.