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The Leibniz Supercomputing Center (LRZ) provides access to the ANSYS Software, which is limited by the number of concurrently available software licenses as well as by the terms and conditions for the usage of the ANSYS Academic Research Licenses. These licenses may only be used for research and teaching by the institutes of the Bavarian Academy of Sciences and the Munich Universities, i.e. TUM, LMU, HM. The licenses allow only the use of ANSYS products for non-commercial purposes.

At this point students are adviced to use the freely available Free ANSYS Student Software edition wherever applicable. This free student software product can be downloaded from the ANSYS website and provides access to most of the ANSYS software products with some limitations on node/element/cell counts in the simulation models.

For academic research purposes there are only a limited number of free floating licenses available at LRZ. Further information on licensing at LRZ is available here. ANSYS Academic Teaching licenses are provided in the Munich Scientific Network (MWN) free of charge. A user registration is not required in order to use the ANSYS Academic Teaching licenses, which are part of the ANSYS campus license hold by LRZ. The ANSYS Academic Teaching license is causing similar limitations to the usage of the ANSYS products as the Free ANSYS Students product. The difference is the full availability of all ANSYS products in the software installation, which are included in the full ANSYS Academic Research license as well (see the table below). Examples ar the mesh generation tool ICEM/CFD Hexa/Tetra and the ANSYS Electronics products which are available with the ANSYS Academic Teaching license, but not with the Free ANSYS Students Software.
In case of difficulties with the ANSYS Software installation from the provided LRZ installation resourses and in using the ANSYS Academic Teaching licenses within the MWN network, please read the following troubleshooting document first, before you are submitting an LRZ Service Request.

The LRZ is providing full capability ANSYS Academic Research Multiphysics licenses and a larger number of High performance Computing (HPC) licenses free of charge for the usage on LRZ linux Clusters, supercomputers and Remote Visualization Systems (RVS). For academic research purposes on local compute resources the institutions of the Munich Universities (TUM, LMU, HM) can purchase ANSYS Academic Research licenses from the LRZ pool of an ANSYS Campus license. Further information on ANSYS software licensing at LRZ is available here. Additional licenses purchased and owned by other institutions or university departments and which are aimed for use at the LRZ Linux clusters and supercomputers can be hosted at LRZ (license server hosting).

Important Note:
Prior to use the ANSYS Software on any LRZ computer system you need to register with LRZ user support
in order to obtain an entry of your LRZ user-ID in the ANSYS license server operated and managed by LRZ. Only afterwards a user will be aible to checkout a license for any of the ANSYS software applications from the LRZ license server. Granted access to LRZ Linux Cluster and/or SuperMUC-NG does not automatically imply a granted access to any licensed software. Access to licensed software is granted on individual request!