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Status/Final Report for GCS Projects on SuperMUC-NG

According to the regulations of the SuperMUC-NG steering committee, each project (GCS regular, GCS large scale) should submit Status Reports every 12 months and a Final Report within 3 months after the end of the project.

For details and templates

New Book: Results obtained on SuperMUC-NG

The LRZ is currently compiling a new results book for 2022.

Important information for projects that are to be included in the results book:

  • Reporting period 06/2020 - 12/2021.
  • Previous editions of the report book can be found here: Books with results on LRZ HPC Systems.
  • All projects to be included in the book will receive an email. Projects that are not directly contacted are also invited to submit a 2-page report.
  • Please designate a corresponding author, who handles all the communication for your project in the context of this report book.

  • In this ZIP-File, you find the template files as well as author instructions:

                   (Last Update: 17 December 2021)

    We updated the template files - if you prepare a new report, please use the new templates.
  • You can re-use previously submitted material: PRACE reports, GCS reports, status reports and final reports for SuperMUC-NG projects, LRZ dissemination material.
    If you do, please make necessary updates and shorten to 2 pages.
  • Pack all the material in a .zip or .tgz file: The report (doc, docx, or odt) and all the images as separate files in high resolution.
  • If your .zip file is < 30 MByte you can email it directly to the editor:
    If your .zip file is >30MByte, please put it on Sync&Share or similar service and send the link to the editor.

Dissemination material and contributions to Review Workshop and Result Book

Every two years, the SuperMUC-NG steering committee and the LRZ organize status and results workshops. Appropriate contributions are chosen from the dissemination material provided by the projects for presentation at the workshop, and/or for publication in the Books with results on LRZ HPC Systems.

The dissemination material from selected projects will also be published on the GCS Website.

By providing dissemination material, you grant permission to use the text and pictures for other publications of GCS and its member centres HLRS, JSC and LRZ.

The template files include the required document structure as well as all the information needed to write the report. Choose the template that best suits you (DOC for MS Word, ODT for LibreOffice, or PDF to see the document structure if you want to use LaTeX or any other software).

Details will be announced in time.