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Table of Contents

Reporting problems with Login

To report access problems, please send us the output of the following commands on your local system:

$ ssh -vvv
$ hostname -I

include the verbose information when submitting an incident ticket to the Servicedeck for SuperMUC-NG.

Please check also that your IP was entered into the SuperMUC-NG Firewall here.

Getting Access

  • Research groups with a Principal Investigator from German Universities or German Research Institutions can apply via GCS-JARDS, European research groups can apply via PRACE. For details, see Application for a project on SuperMUC-NG. (Note: The Principal Investigator (PI) must have a proven scientific record (preferably a PhD or comparable degree) and must be able to successfully accomplish the proposed tasks.)
  • The Principal Investigator (PI, first master user) or the Person of Contact (PC, second master user) can make a request for a new user (researcher) in his project via the service request template 'New SuperMUC-NG User (Only for Master Users, PI)'


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Login to SuperMUC-NG

SuperMUC uses a firewall which isolates the system from the internet and only whitelisted IPs are allowed to access the system. You therefore have to provide us the local IP Adress of your Desktop/Laptop in order to obtain access.