Mozilla Hubs

Social VR Spaces in Mozilla Hubs

Mozilla Hubs provides a virtual meeting platform that is accessible either directly in a web browser or by using a Head-Mounted Display. 
Visitors may join the rooms using a link and are then able to enjoy the spaces in the form of a virtual avatar. Localised sound provides the ability to communicate with other visitors and information can be presented in various forms, using 3D-models, videos, images and sound.
The platform, provided and hosted by Mozilla, enables users to efficiently create a virtual meeting space that can easily be customised for specific needs.

Over the last year, the LRZ created multiple rooms in Mozilla Hubs for various events and projects. Some of them are being presented here and can also be explored right away.

Project Rooms


The LRZ-Lobby is our starting point for the tour across our individual project rooms.


This room features a detailed model of our SuperMUC-NG, the core of the Leibniz Supercomputing Centre.


Virtual Animals and Plants from our MOOSAIK-App featuring native endangered species inhabit in this room.

Read more on the project here.

Virtual Human

Our Virtual Human room features a model of the Circle of Willis, a specific blood circuit in the human brain. The model is part of the Virtual Human project that aims to simulate the entire human body.

Further information can be found here.

Art History

Visit our virtual exhibition room for cultural heritage objects provided by the bavarikon project.

Find further information on the project here.


The former Lusthaus of the Munich Residenz represents one example for our support for the project "Baroque Ceiling Painting in Germany".  
Merely the coloured paintings remain of the original building, the other textures had to be reconstructed using black and white photographs.


Further projects and information

Event Rooms


Welcome to our very own LRZ-Biergarten!

LRZ-Lobby Girls' Day 2021

Starting from this version of the LRZ-Lobby visitors can explore the Mozilla Hubs rooms created by the young participants of Girls' Day 2021 at the LRZ. 

Christmas Market 2021

A cozy location for our virtual Christmas celebration 2021.

Christmas 2020