What is Maple?

Maple is a modern computer algebra system suitable for numerous usecases.

Please refer to for further details and software documentation.

Available Maple Versions

Maple 2023

License Terms and Usage Conditions

The LRZ governs a Campus agreement with MapleSoft. Access to Maple can be provided to following institutions:

  • Bavarian Academy of Sciences and Humanities

  • Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München (LMU Munich)
  • Technical University of Munich (TUM)
  • University of Applied Sciences Munich (HM)
  • Rosenheim Technical University of Applied Sciences

Please consult for details on licensing.

At LRZ Maple is available on the login nodes of both the Linux Cluster and SuperMUC-NG.

Basic Usage

Maple Modules

On LRZ HPC systems, you may list all available Maple versions:

> module avail maple

Maple can be used by loading its module. We highly recommend to choose a particular – better: the newest – version, e. g.:

> module load maple/2023

Basic Commands

  • Start Maple without GUI (recommended option):

    > maple
  • Start Maple with GUI:

    > xmaple