License Terms, Usage Conditions and Support Policy

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Depending on your university/institute, different license models are applied (see table). According to the license conditions, LRZ is not allowed to provide access to installed MATLAB licenses to other Bavarian universities. Please contact us when you are interested in using MATLAB on LRZ systems on a medium-term or long-term scale. We will contact Mathworks in order to assess possible license models. Please also consult additional MATLAB licensing information.



The LRZ offers licenses for both MATLAB and Simulink including a large number of toolboxes and blocksets. Within the scope of the existing products, institutes may purchase licenses. Currently, modules not present in our price list cannot be purchased via LRZ. However, please report your needs by contacting our ServiceDesk. Then, it may be considered in the next centralized order.


Since October 1st, 2011 TUM university has its own contract on using a campus license. Since January 1st, 2012 the RBG (Rechnerbetriebsgruppe) of TUM – and not LRZ – is responsible for supply of licenses. For more details please visit:


Since 2017 the HM purchases its own licenses. Please consult the IT support of HM:

Information for students

Information for employees

Usage Conditions on LRZ HPC Systems

The MATLAB licenses purchased by LRZ are available on the LinuxCluster only, i. e., CoolMUC-2, CoolMUC-3, housings and the Remote Visualization of the Linux Cluster.

We highly recommend to use MATLAB on CoolMUC-2 only. Due to the specific architecture of CoolMUC-3, we do not provide additional support on that system. MATLAB modules are available on CoolMUC-3, but may not work as intended.

Currently, MATLAB licenses purchased by LRZ may not be used on the supercomputers SuperMUC and SuperMUC-NG.

There is a limited number of MATLAB licenses on HPC systmes at LRZ! Please consider that all entitled users share them! Please submit a reasonable number of simultaneous jobs. Furthermore, there is a limited number of licenses for MATLAB toolboxes which may differ from the number of MATLAB licenses.

Please consider the LRZ policy of using MATLAB on our systems:

  • We encourage all MATLAB users to use SLURM batch jobs!
  • MATLAB can be run interactively via GUI or command line. Running production jobs on login nodes using the interactive mode is not permitted!
  • It is possible to run MATLAB in interactive mode (command line only) using an interactive SLURM job.
  • On the condition that other users are not handicapped, it is allowed to run serial MATLAB on login nodes for small pre- or postprocessing steps or managing MPS jobs.

Support Policy

By default LRZ provides the four latest Matlab releases and according support for issues, which are directly linked to the MATLAB installations and their configuration on the HPC systems at LRZ. For technical questions (such as: how to implement MATLAB code, problems with user-implemented code), you have several options:

TUM users may also consult the TUM MATLAB website to obtain more information on TUM's MATLAB licensing model and according technical support.

Both modules and installations of deprecated versions will be decommissioned. According to the support policy of Mathworks, we highly recommend to migrate Matlab codes to the latest release. Within the scope of the regularly updated LRZ software stack we provide the two latest MATLAB releases. Releases might still exist in older versions of the software stack (see details on LRZ software stack based on Spack modules) and might be usable. However, we only provide support for MATLAB releases of the newest software stack.