Hardware of SuperMUC-NG Phase 2

System in Installation

Please note that the SuperMUC-NG Phase 2 system is currently in the installation and testing phase.
Currenly, it is not accessible. General user operation is expected in Q4/2024.


Intel Sapphire Rapids
Intel Xeon Platinum 8480+

CPUs per Node2
Cores per Node112
Memory per Node 512 GByte DDR5

Intel Ponte Vecchio

Intel Data Center GPU Max 1550 

GPUs per Node4
Memory per GPU 128 GByte HBM2e
Number of Nodes240 (incl. 4 login nodes and 2 spare nodes)
Total CPU Cores26,880
Total Memory 122.88 TByte DDR5
Total GPUs960
Total GPU Memory 122.88 TByte HBM2e
PEAK (fp64; PFlop/s)27.96 PFlop/s
Linpack (fp64; PFlop/s)

17.19 PFlop/s

Compute network
FabricNVIDIA/Mellnox HDR Infiniband (200 GBit/s)
Topologyfat tree
Interconnects per Node2
Number of Islands1
HPPFS (same as Phase 1)50 PB @  500 GByte/s
DSS (same as Phase 1)20 PB @ 70 GByte/s  
Home Filesystem 256 TByte
DAOS1 PB @ 750 GByte/s
CoolingDirect warm water cooling
Operating SystemSuse Linux (SLES)
Batch Scheduling SystemSLURM
High Performance Parallel Filesystem (HPPFS)IBM Spectrum Scale (GPFS)
Programming EnvironmentIntel OneAPI 
Message PassingIntel MPI, (OpenMPI)